Sunday, 17 January 2016

Using ON7YD's "QRS" PC Software to key QRSS Beacons.

ON7YD’s QRS Software is available HERE .  It enables an Operator to use a PC running up to Windows10 to key a QRSS Beacon with little further hardware required.  These instructions are to get the Beacon keying in a 10 minute Sequence that is “Stackable” for a Grabber Operator, further enhancing your chances of being seen on air.  I refer here to V4.14 of QRS.

See my Web Site HERE to find out more about "Stacking" Grabber Frames. 

To get the Callsign transmitting every 10 minutes starting at DELAY after the hour:  Note: DELAY can = 0.

Port         = Your choice.
Speed      = 6 seconds. (QRSS6) - ie 6 second Dots.
Text 1      = Your Call - QRS gives the time it takes to send your Call time at “Speed
Repeat    = 0 minutes, Interval = 10 minutes.  (0 minutes = repeat for ever)
Mode       = QRSS, dash-dot ratio = 3.
Alarm      = 0 seconds.
Sound     = CW & QRSS - disable when in use!  Use as a monitor.
DFCW     = Ignore settings unless using DFCW.
CW ID      = Start disabled, Stop disabled.
Sync        = Disabled.

Later = Start Time (HHMMSS). 
The next time interval; from now.  Enter the time as DELAY time past the hour, or a 10 minute interval after the hour (plus DELAY).  For example: 090030, 091030, or etc.  This gives a (say) 30 second DELAY before the (say) 6 minutes 30 seconds for your callsign and another 3 minute 00 seconds at the end of the callsign send time.  Your Callsign is 6 minutes 30 seconds long at QRSS6 (6 second dots) which is quite adequate for most bands. The DELAY pushes the Callsign to the right in the displayed Image. (Each callsign will take a different time to send!)

So what happens?  At 00 minutes past the hour, or 10 mins or, etc.....
1          QRS starts and waits for DELAY time (say) 30 secs.
2          Sends your call for the (say) next 6 min and 30 secs.
3          Waits 3 minutes and 00 Seconds (0:30 + 6:30 + 3:00 = 10:00 minutes)
4          Restarts at the next 10 minute interval.
5          Note that on the first frame QRS may misreport the next interval by 
           1:00 minute.  This will be correctly reported for subsequent frames.

Your Computer Clock must be synchronized to UTC, use “Dimension4” (nice easy little program to keep your clock in sync from an internet NTC Time Server!   -  Google is your friend!   This is so that your clock and mine, and any other Grabber Station is sync'd to the same time......Check, that it is in sync with WWV, “At the tone, the time is…….!”

Your call will now be “stackable” with all your other grabs.

18 Jan 2016

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