Sunday, 1 November 2015

40 Metre Band QRSS Frequencies

There is a major problem with the current QRSS slot on 40 metres.  Here in the South West Pacific, after dark we have huge amounts of USB phone signals on 7000.0kHz coming from Asia which are pirating the International Amateur Bands.  These signals have become so intrusive that they completely obliterate the The QRSS Groups low power signals entirely.

I propose that as a group the QRSS Knights Group 'move house' to a quieter part of the band.  It would be convenient to be just below the WSPR Band on 40 metres as the Group does the same on 30 metres.  The likelihood of mutual interference is small and short term and like we do on 30 metres, it can be largely ignored.  This portion of the band is usually reasonably quiet.

Old QRSS Frequencies:
7000.700kHz ---7000.800kHz----7000.900kHz

Proposed QRSS Frequencies: 

For comparison WSPR frequencies are:

I have recently had discussions with Bill Houghton W4HBK regarding this problem and he is saying that he is having the same problem, with pirate SSB signals emanating from the Caribbean area, and he also agrees that a change is necessary.

4 hour Grab showing QRM starting 0700UTC

Since the troubles in the Middle East have escalated, there are now a number of OTHR's using this area of the band for surveillance purposes, and they are adding to the problem as well.  The sooner the change is agreed to the better for our hobby in the long term.

Pete Mulhare

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